About Us

Kidders Landing has rich history, full of remarkable events and memories. The foundation of the restaurant dates back to 1987, when Justin Mitchell, the owner and chef of the restaurant, has got the idea to create a small yet cosy place for rest and communication - the place, which will become the center of culinary art in Albany, New York. He didn't know exactly what to start with, but his desire, passion for cooking and experiments helped him find a great place for a restaurant and start this business.

The major Justin’s dream was to bring something new to the American cooking traditions. Love, dedication and respect have always been his main values, while the eco-friendly approach and readiness to experiment with the dishes became the basis of his work. Due to these features, the restaurant stands out from the crowd from the very first sight. This concerns the interior of the place, the menu offered and the approach of the personnel to servicing the clients. Each dish served in the restaurant is a real cooking masterpiece and the highlight of the place the owner is proud of.

If you have got used to the standard approach to cooking and wish to try something extraordinary, then don’t miss a chance to visit Kidders Landing the sooner - the better!