Meet Our Team

Our Team

Justin Mitchell
Owner and Chef

Justin is the founder and owner of Kidders Landing. With over 35 years of culinary experience, he is the person, who knows everything about the art of cooking and American culinary traditions in general. His creative thinking and desire to bring pleasure and happiness into the everyday life of his clients contribute to the success of his culinary experiments. Having lived in Europe for over 10 years, Justin has learnt some of the most amazing secrets and traditions of the most popular countries. Today, he uses this experience, when cooking exclusive Kidders Landing dishes.

Katie Fairs

Since childhood, Katie had powerful urge for cooking and culinary experiments. This desire was supported by her family as she grew up. She studied in the culinary academy and then became a cook at Kidders Landing. Katie has been working in the restaurant for over 5 years already and she became a real culinary expert. She is involved into the development of new recipes and making the restaurant’s menu today.

David Corn

David began his career in the restaurant niche as a waiter in one of the New York restaurants. Being a 17-year old boy, he didn’t plan to stop at this and had a strong desire to move on in the cooking industry. In less than several years, he became a cook and tried to get deeper insight into the art of cooking. When he moved to Austin, he became a cook at Kidders Landing, having contributed a lot to the development of the restaurant.

Robert Goodman

Robert Goodman has joined the Kidders Landing dream team only two years ago, but he has already become an indispensable part of it. Robert is responsible, honest, friendly and always eager to learn. He knows all the dishes included into the restaurant menu as well as their ingredients. He can easily help you with the choice of the best dish you will certainly like.

Michael Stivers

Michael has been a waiter at Kidders Landing for over 5 years and he likes this job a lot. He is so friendly, helpful and responsible that it’s impossible to imagine any other person on his place. Clients like him a lot, because he is knowledgeable, experienced and courteous. He possesses a keen sense of humor, which is also valued a lot by the visitors.

Jack Sullivan

Jack has been working at the restaurant from the very first day. He knows everything about it and this is what makes him a real Kidders Landing “star”. Visitors often keep asking him to tell about the history of the restaurant and its special guests. Jack does that with pleasure, thus attracting the attention of new clients. Jack has many ideas on how to enhance the design of the place and its popularity. He is a real professional.